Facilites de Test Climatique


In-house engineering capabilities

Frenger 3 digital climate testing laboratories located in its technical center located in the prestigious Pride Park, Derby, England. These specially designed and built in nominal internal dimensions of 6.3 m (L) x 5.7 m (La) x 3.2m (Ht) and each room has its own climate thermal wall porque for all zones laboratories central and perimeter then be physically model by each platform. 3 climatic chambers have fixed dimensions but separate wall sections and false ceilings can be set to replicate the physical conditions of each specific installation project. Frenger has internal capacity of thermal imaging.


Evaluations of Specific Projects


Capabilities simulated and evaluated surround for each specific project and a tool that allows the customer checked the system offers and determined the quality of the resulting internal and conditions of comfort. These physical tests do this by installing a full-scale representation of the area of ​​the set, complete with gain indoor and outdoor heat. (Lighting, Small Power, Solar gain and Occupants)

Simulations installed allowing the customer confirmed the following:

  • Ability of the product to certain specific conditions.
  • Distribution of air temperature.
  • Air speed.
  • Experience thermal comfort.
  • Thermal Imaging (Photo or Video).
  • Aesthetics by specific project.
  • Experience light levels (where applicable).
  • Studying the specific design and allow the system is improved.

These specific test for each project are normally installed to check:

  • Capacitive product under conditions designed.
  • Level of comfort - air temperature distributed.
  • Level of comfort - Thermal Stratification.
  • Comfort level - risk of airflow.
  • Comfort level - Analysis of radiant temperature.
  • Video smoke test demonstrating use of the movement of the air.


Frenger jobs as the latest innovations fans techniques thermography with FLIR thermal imaging cameras to help the best use possible improvements settings specific project also facilitates in helping to improve the range of air conditioners the Frenger environment.